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Overhead Crane

China Overhead Crane Suppliers

The Overhead Crane can be Single Girder Overhead Crane, Double Girder Overhead Crane or multi-girder overhead crane with capacity 1t to 800t. Overhead crane work with Electric Hoist or crab trolley as hoisting mechanism, which is used for general purpose materail handling at workshop, warehouse, metallurgy plant, power plant, paper mill, steel mill, waste incineration plant, etc.


The hoisting sling device of overhead crane can be hook, shell grab, grab bucket, clamps, magnet beam, magnet chuck, fork, or other special devices for special industry. Weihua also provide FEM/DIN standard overhead cranes with light self-weight, modular design, beautiful looking, less noist and anti-sway smooth running.


Main Data of Overhead Crane:

Capacity: 1t - 800t or custom

Span: 6m -32m or custom

Lift Height: 6m - 32m or custom

Work Duty: A4, A5, A6, A7 or custom

Weihua provide professional overhead crane solutions, customized cranes, Crane Components, installation, after sale service. Weihua products export to110 countries such as Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Parkistan, the Philippines, Mexico, etc. Our success comes from customers' success. Welcome to Weihua.